Natural Weight Loss & Diabetic Reversals with CSN

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is research based and some of the views and findings do not conform with the CSN Diet.

Are you familiar with the CSN diet?

  • Have you tried diet after diet, only to be disappointed with the results?
  • Have you struggled to lose weight, despite your strongest attempts?
  • Do you struggle with a disorder or diseases like lymphedema, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, or other lymphatic issues?
  • Are you ready to make a lifestyle change and see real results?


Then the Christo Strydom Nutrition diet program might be the answer to your frustration. CSN is is considered the superhero of healthy living and fat loss!

It is the world leader in weight loss, stroke prevention, and diabetic reversals with soup and vegetables.

It is 100% natural, no gimmicks or cons.


The Christo Strydom Nutrition diet plan is a 60-day, six-phase completely natural weight loss program.

The program begins with a 10-day CSN detox. The CSN program is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It requires no special foods, no weighing of portions and is 100% natural.

During the initial 10 days, you can expect to see impressive and dramatic weight loss as your body rids itself of excesses.

As soon as you sign up for the plan, you will receive a copy of the list of approved foods. After the first 10 days, you will continue with the eating plan, which includes a list of program-approved fruits, vegetables, seeds, juices, and proteins.

This is not a diet, there is no calorie counting or restriction on the amount you eat.

91 google reviews


You are not going to starve yourself.

On CSN, you will never be hungry during your entire 60-day program.

There is no limit to how much of the approved foods you can eat per day, so you are always able to fill up and satisfy your hunger.

As you go through the program, you may even find that your cravings readjust toward healthy foods instead of unhealthy fatty or sweet ones.

Integral to the success of CSN is our CSN vegetable-based soup mix and tablets. These tablets and mixes contain vegetables dehydrated within 24 hours of harvesting, which allows us to preserve the nutritional value.

The soup mix and tablets include onions, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers and celery among other vegetables.

It can be difficult to eat as many vegetables per day as we should, but taking these mixes or tablets daily can help you compensate for that.

By using non-nutritive binding technology, we are able to turn the soup mix into tablets without altering the formula.

These tablets and mixes are especially important during the first 10-day detox, to ensure that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs.


The active ingredients in our products are quality tested by the University of the Free State Laboratories, and the non-nutritive binding technology in our soup tablets is approved by the World Health Organization.

Click here to see more information about our plans and products and select the one that is the best fit for you, based on your weight loss goals.

If you are looking to kickstart a smaller weight loss, the CSN Detox may be enough to set you well on your way to achieving your goal.

We at CSN want to help you achieve your goals. We want to provide the support you need all the way along your journey.


CSN Diet products



One way that we do this is through our CSN Fat Elimination and Diabetic Reversal camps. In 2017, these camps are four nights (five days,) and provide support during your detox.

With locations in Pretoria, and Great Brak River these camps are held at luxurious accommodations and include your room as well as CSN breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and five days’ worth of CSN products. In addition, the Zenzele program includes access to lectures, game drives, an onsite doctor, cooking courses to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, and a full check-up by a doctor.


CSN is not a magic diet pill. We know that adjusting to a new lifestyle is tough–and we want to help.

That’s why we offer our retreats as well as our eating plan and vegetable-based soup mixes and tablets. It’s a healthy diet plan, available to anyone, but based right here in South Africa.

But CSN is so much more than just another weight-loss program.

If you need proof, listen to the stories of people like little Franco, who was born with lymphedema in both legs, and at eight months old was brought to the CSN clinic in Great Brak River.

Within three months, his swelling was reduced by 70%!

Or Johan de Jager, one of the first successful diabetic reversal clients at the CSN Fat Elimination & Diabetes Reversal Camp at Riviera Hotel in Hartenbos.

CSN saved my life


Vaatjie from Mollie en Wors came to CSN with sleep apnoea and a pacemaker. His story was almost tragic–but after following CSN twice, he lost 40 kilos in three months, had his pacemaker deactivated, and gets better sleep during the night.

Alette van Niekirk and Marie Martins both were diagnosed with cancer prior to starting the CSN program–Allette with Hodgkin Lymphoma, Marie with colon cancer that had spread to her blood.


Allette began chemotherapy but stopped after the side effects were too much. After a year of CSN, she was 100% cancer free!

Marie lost 15 kilos after beginning the CSN plan. When she was re-tested for cancer after completing the program, she was cancer-free and still is five years later.


Over and over again, we hear stories of people who have had their lives radically changed for the better by CSN.

We would love to help you be one of them. Whether your goal is dropping kilos of weight, improving your health, or trying to rid yourself of an annoying or painful condition, CSN is eager to see if our program can work for you.

But how exactly did this whole program begin? 100% natural, no medications, only a food list and some vegetable soup–who would have guessed that such a simple remedy could have such a massive impact on a person’s well-being?

How did we get here?

Christo Strydom Nutrition program all began when the founder, Christo Strydom, as a young pilot, encountered another pilot who also worked as a medical doctor.

4.9 star reviews

He introduced Strydom to a vegetable soup and diet plan, with the intent of helping fellow pilots succeed at their regular health check-ups. Later in life, Strydom entered the business world and interacted with people who spent the bulk of their days sitting behind desks in a very sedentary lifestyle.

He convinced some of his friends to try the vegetable soup and CSN diet and was amazed at the results.

Because of this, he spent time tweaking and modifying the soup and diet until it was perfect.

He also studied the lymphatic system in depth, until he was able to optimize its function via a specific diet.

A healthy lymphatic system led to the alleviation of a variety of lifestyle ailments, including diabetes, cholesterol, lymphedema, fatigue, high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, and infections.

In June 2014, Christo Strydom and the Department of Internal Therapeutics at the University of the Free State opened a Metabolic Research Center.

The aim of the center is to focus on obesity, diabetes, metabolic bone ailments as well as related illnesses such as cholesterol, cancer, psoriasis, lymphedema, tiredness, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibrosis, skin disorders, migraine, insomnia, gallstones, kidney stones, infections and sleep apnoea.

Through the doctors at the center, there are also clinical tests available. CSN is serious about finding solutions to solvable health problems and helping the world become a better and healthier place!

Christo Strydom Nutrition wants to help you lose weight in a healthy, natural way. We believe that a lifestyle change is a far better option than a crash diet.

It can be difficult to make the commitment to a long-term change, but if you do so, we believe the results will astound you.

Are you ready to make that commitment and take the next step?

If you are interested or would like more information, feel free to contact us.




Take a look at the CSN diet reviews we receive about what other people have to say about the CSN Diet in their own words as well as the great CSN Diet before and after success stories.


You can also visit our Facebook page, and read further on this website to see more stories of people who have had spectacular results with the CSN Diet and to keep up-to-date with announcements and programs we are planning.


Your fat and lifestyle disaster end with the Christo Strydom Diet program!



Hi, my name is Karien Nel and today I’m 37kg lighter than the day I started my weight loss journey with CSN Diet.

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81 thoughts on “Natural Weight Loss & Diabetic Reversals with CSN”

  1. Goodday, i am a 50 year old female and my baby is 15. O am encpuntering the past 18 months a lot of health problems including enlarged heart, with heart failure, enlarged liver with fatty liver. My lung capacity is reduced and i have problems wirh my back. I am also type 2 diabetic. I battle a lot with water retrention when they put iv lasix they take about 15L of water out of me.
    Due to all this i lost my job i am staying with my oldest daughter who is already making sure we have a roof over our head and a warm bed with food. She pays my little ones school fees and expenses.
    Is there any possiblility you can sponser me to loose weight. I am now 180kg. I want my life back.

    Please. Please

  2. I am resently with slender wonder but get no results. I where 211kg. And what to lose a lot of wait. I am diabetic and also had high cholesterol. And high blood pressure. Please I really need your help.

    Best Regard.
    Gerhard Meyer

  3. Goeie dag, ek is 53 jaar oud, is n tipe 1 diabeet al vir 52 jaar . My diabetes is goed onder kontrole , maar begin wel sukkel om gewig konstant te hou. Is sowat 1.57m lank weeg omtrent 80kg op die oomblik. Ek gebruik Novo Rapid voor elke ete en dan Optisulin langwerkende insulien saans en soggens.
    Ek sal baie graag sowat 10 kg wil vewerloor, wat is die prosedure wat ek moet volg om aan te sluit?
    Lizette Botes

  4. More Karien!

    Ek het die program gevolg en het 19 kilo’s verloor in 60 dae.

    Dankie vir die Produkte en program.Dit het vir my gewerk.

    Wat is die pad nou vorentoe?.Is daar nou ‘n ander eet program

    Wil nog steeds verloor,maar met bietje meer grasie

    • Nico baie dankie vir die positiewe terugvoer.

      Ek sal jou kontak met meer inligting oor jou pad vorentoe.

  5. Nico Graham.
    Goeie dag, ek is 64 jaar oud, ek sukkel geweldig om gewig te verloor. Is sowat 1.57m lank weeg omtrent 154kg op die oomblik. Ek gebruik Duromine in dir oggend voor ete.
    Ek sal baie graag sowat 54 kg wil vewerloor, wat is die prosedure wat ek moet volg om aan te sluit?
    Nico Graham.

  6. Goeie dag Karien
    Ek het op ontbytsake gesien van die eetplan / produk. EK is 60 jaar oud en is in Desember 2017 gediagnoseer met Lupus.
    Ek het hoe bloeddruk, onderaktiewe skildklier, hoe cholesterol, en gebruik ook die medikasie vir al die genoemde asook omdat ek bloedklonte kry gebruik ek ook bloed verdunnings medikasie.
    Omdat ek kortisoon vir die Lupus gebruik sien ek dat ek gewig optel en ek is baie moeg en kan glad nie aktief wees agv borspyn en kortasem.

    Kan jy asb vir my informasie voorien en of daar kans is dat ek kan gewig verloor met jul program?

    Baie dankie ek waardeer.


    • Benita,

      Baie dankie vir jou belangstelling, ons kontak you binnekort met meer inligting hou jou epos dop.

  7. Goeie midday ,
    Ek is 64 jaar oud en is baie oorgewig.
    Ek stel belang in jul program. Waar begin ek? En Wat sal dit my kos?

      • Wil eers net detoks om te kyk Kry glad nie die sop in my liggaam Sit hi met 2 vol blikke
        Enige kommetaar?

        • Goeie dag Hannelie

          Dankie vir jou boodskap
          Is die ander sophouer al oopgemaak? Ons kan altyd op ons supportgroep hoor of iemand dit wil oorkoop by jou – die vervaldatum moet egter nog n reg wees en nie oopgemaak wees nie.
          Ons het vandag %30 afslag op al ons pakkette – ‘n mens spaar baie. Gaan loer gerus op – Ek hoor graag van jou. Groete Karien

    • Ria

      Thank you for the comment, we will send you an email. Please use the contact us page to get hold of us.

  8. Ek is tipe 1 insulien afhanklike diabeet en moet 80kg verloor ek wil asb meer inligting hê aangaande die csn dieet.
    Kan iemand my asb kontak?

    0629280275 assebliefie

    • Lina, indien jy langer as ‘n jaar op dit is is dit veilig. Noem dit net met jou aansoek asb.

  9. Goeiedag! Ek is opgewonde oor die eetplan. Het Dinsdag begin en is Saterdag reeds 3.8 kg af! My vraag is waar ek inligting kry oot wat elkeen van julle produkte se doel is. Die plan sê net drink 4 tablette, ens. Maar ek wil graag weet hoekom? Is dit net aanvulling of help dit met ververbranding ook? Gertru

    • Gertru, baie geluk met jou sukses so ver, ons kontak jou graag met al die antwoorde op jou CSN Dieet vrae.

    • Dagse ek is n tipe 2 Diabeet en wil dit graag laat reverse. Ek is 59 jaar oud en gebruik insulin 2 keer per dag asook mondelingse medikasie. Ek stel belang om julle produk op die proef te stel… Dankie

  10. Is 59 jaar oud en sukkel met diabetes 2. Werk skofte en kan dus nie regtig oefen nie. Is so 10 kg oorgewig en wil dit grasg af skud en afhou

    • Piet, jou doel is baie moontlik en ons het soortgelyke gevalle wat uitstekende resultate bereik het.

  11. Hallo,ek het die soup mix pille en die dehydrated soup mix,wil net weet of ek hulle al 2 saam moet gebruik? Of is dit selfde net een in pil vorm

  12. Hi ek is 65 jaar oud gewig 78kg en type 2 diabetes maar sukkel met my suiker vlakke. Wil graag Jul eet plan probeer.
    Kan julle asb help.
    Baie dankie.

  13. My husband is a type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed at the age of 25 (24 years ago).
    How effective will the CSN diet be for him as he has been a diabetic for many years and he is type 1. He injects about 5 times daily. He is Hab1c 6.4.

  14. Ek is 1.6 m blank, weeg 79kg. N diabetes. Kan Jy asb v my n pryslys stuur van jul produkte en meer inligting.

    • Lisa, baie dankie vir jou belangstelling ons help jou graag en Christo Strydom Nutrition kan die antwoord wees waarvoor jy gewag het. Ek stuur vir jou meer inliging.

  15. Karien

    Ek is 55 jaar oud moet omtrent 25kg verloor is ‘n diabeet gebruik tablette en insulien. Is insulienweerstandig. Sukkel met hormone (omtrent geen hormone)
    Alles al probeer. Bly gewig optel gaan vir lymph dreinering Moedeloos. Waar begin ek met wat kontak my asb

  16. Nodig om paar kilos te verloor. Wil ook graag weet of die plan veilig is vir kinders. My seun is 8jaar oud en oorgewig. Kontak my asb.

  17. Tersia ek is 66 jaar oud. Ek is nie oorgewig nie, maar het hoë bloeddruk en hoë cholestorol. Kan jou eetplan dit aanspreek.

  18. Haai daar.
    Wil graag weet wat die program kos as jy by kleinbrak wil inboek en hoe lank sal die verblyf wees?

  19. Ek is Piet Brits en is 59 en is 1.82m lank. Sukkel vir ongeveer 6 jaar met diabetes 2. Drink elke oggend en aand pille en die bloeddruk is ook nie lekker nie. Wat is die kostes verbonde om by n kliniek te bly vir die 4 dae. Eks geretrench al 3 jaar. Finansies is nie volop nie maar het hulp nodig dringend. Bly in Kaapstadcsn

  20. I am 54 and need to lose 15kg. I have picked up all my weight since I went into my menopause . I am on Eltroxin , Tritroxin , Estrofem and progestrone. Will Csn help and am I allowed a glass of wine on weekends. I tried Slender wonder and lost some kilos , but their plan is very difficult to up keep.

  21. Goeie Môre

    Ek drink Eltroxin en wil ook graag 8kg verloor watter kursus moet ek volg en wat is die prys asseblief.

    Baie dankie

  22. Hi Karen
    Ek het my CSN produkte ontvang maar is opsoek na die lys van voedselsoorte wat toelaatbaar is. Graag wil ek ook weet of dit beter is om met die detox te begin en dan oor te slaan na die volgende fase toe.

  23. I have started on the detox, but the amount of tablets i have to drink daily are really
    getting to me!
    How does the powder work?
    I would not be able to do more than the detox. I can’t see myself drinking this amount
    of tablets for six weeks. I’m struggling to get it down!
    What do i do now?

  24. Hi ek is n 55 jarige man diabetes tipe 2 wil meer uitvind oor julle plan vir diabetes ek sukkel om suiker gestabiliseer te kry dr bingle van muelmed hef my van julle vertel ek hoor graag van julle

    • Andre, ons kry wonderlike resultate van mense met tipe 2 diabetes en dit is definitief iets wat jy moet probeer.

    • Dit is veilig om die CSN gewigsverllies program met jou kroniese medikasie (anti-depressante) te gebruik, omrede CSN se produkte ‘n 100% natuurlike basis is. Soos jy gewig verloor sal dit ook jou gemoeds toestand verbeter, en kan jou Dr jou medikasi begin aanpas.

      Hoeveel gewig het jy om af te skud ?

      Hoor graag van jou.

  25. I would like to participate in some form of a program, I want to lose about 60kg, current weight 180kg and 1.78m with a heart disorder

  26. Hi Karien. Waar kan ek uitvind watse speserye is CSN goedgekeur asb. Ek is al 15 dae op die plan
    Baie dankie Sonia

    • Sonia hou by die basiese, vars kruie, sout, peper, kaneel, gemmer , knoffel en vars suurlemoensap.

  27. Greetings, I’m interested in your product can help me understand how it works.

    Best regards

  28. Ek het onder aktiewe skildklier en gediagnoseer met motor nereon wil 12 kg verloor kan ek die produk gebruik en watter moet ek gebruik

  29. Ek het onder aktiewe skildklier en gediagnoseer met motor nereon wil 12 kg verloor kan ek die produk gebruik en watter moet ek gebruik dankie

  30. Hi Karin
    Ek n Sa wat nou in New Zealand bly en het Csn gebruik Wil weet of ek dit hier kan kry.

  31. Hi ek is Kathleen . Ek is 66jaar oud .Ek het n jaar trug 2 rug operasies gehad en sukkel nou met my gewig My bene raak net dukker .Ek is op medies en wil hoor of julle ook vn my medies gebruik kan maak .Ek sal ook meer van die product wil weet asook die kamp

  32. Goeie more,

    Ek wil bitter graag so hou as moontlik produkte bestel maar bly in Engeland, sal julle my kan help?

  33. Hi Karen ek will graag met di program begin het onder aktiewe skuld klier en op antidepressant Sal dit vi my werk want my medikasie laat my gewig optel

  34. Pingback: CSN Diet: A Success Story - Women Daily Magazine

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