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Frequently asked questions

Q: I have 25kg to lose, how long will it take?
A: Everyone is different but woman tend to lose 8-12kg in 1 month. Men lose more and 10-14kg on average in 1 month.

Q: What are the difference between the CSN TABLETS and CAPSULES?
A: It’s exactly the same product – and depends on your preference. The Capsules are a bit more expensive but swallow easier for those struggling to get pills down.

Q: Do you have a maintenance plan?
A: No, due to the fact that everyone continues with a lifestyle best suited for them (banting, ketogenic, etc)
We do however have guidelines you can follow.

Q: What will I be consuming on the meal plan?
A: For the first 10 days mostly fruit and veggies with two protein days. After you are done with the first 10 days you continue a well balanced diet that contains the following food:
Eggs, fruit, veggies, seeds, grapefruit juice, protein, potatoes and tomatoes