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constipation and fever

Can constipation trigger fever?

Constipation is a common digestive issue that most of us suffer at some point in our lives. It’s an uncomfortable business, often accompanied with abdominal pain. You might find that

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what is folic acid good for

What is folic acid good for?

What does almost every article about being healthy have in common?  Most of these articles will inform you to religiously eat your greens. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach hold the

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benefits of beans

Your Diet Needs More Beans

Adulting is hard, let’s just admit it. You have to pay bills, and keep things clean. And forget about late-night greasy meals – the older you get the harder your

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improve digestion

How To Improve Digestion

On the face of it, many of us are not entirely sure how our digestive system works or the important role it plays in living in optimal health. For the

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benefits of drinking water

How much water is too much?

Every person’s water requirements differ based on a scope of factors.  This is because drinking too much water can hamper the body’s electrolyte equilibrium, which can be followed by a

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