About Karien Nel

Karien Nel after formalHi my name is Karien Nel and today I’m 37kg lighter than the day I started my weight loss journey with CSN Diet.

It is not merely a story of overnight success, but rather one of pushing limits, self-discovery, not quitting but always trying again and again.

It’s been a journey where I’ve cried over my gains, celebrated my losses and learned so much about myself. It was more a fight of the mind than it was with the body.

The quote Mind over Matter came to life and I knew I had one last chance to make a change. I’ve tried so many crash diets you can think of just to find myself back to the starting block as soon as I stopped.

I wanted so badly to be healthy – my motive extended beyond just wanting to get rid of excess weight. I was sick of being overweight, unhealthy and feeling trapped in my body I once was proud of. Life happened and with that, I lost a sense of freedom and joy.

How did I get started?

I came to hear about Christo Strydom Nutrition and since then I’ve lost 37kg.

The program provided me with everything I needed to see me through the 60 days of weight loss and to keep it off for years to come.

Tip: Don’t ever start on a Monday or the 1st of a month – START TODAY – start now.

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