CSN Diet Food List

Eating nutrient-rich foods can strengthen your health in general. It also helps you in keeping a moderate body weight. CSN has formulated a diet plan that lets you eat a whole bunch of filling foods that are beneficial to your body.  Here we look at the top foods that should be on your list for the CSN diet.

CSN Diet Food List


It’s no secret that vegetables are weight loss friendly. The biggest reason is that veggies are low in calories. It also filled with fibre, which helps to decrease those urges to snack on unhealthy foods. An often-unknown fact is that the water content of vegetables increases the volume of food. This helps you to keep full throughout the day.

Chicken And Lean Meats

Chicken is a useful source of protein. For those who do eat meat, eating chicken is an effective way to meet some of your body’s protein needs. It is also a source of protein that is low in fat. Certain portions like chicken breasts are also naturally low in sodium. Both chicken, and lean meat are high in protein and iron.

Skinless chicken breast and lean red meat like tenderloin has a lot of protein and iron. They also contain less saturated fat when compared to other portions. These pieces of meat better support weight management and heart health.

Whole Grains

When you fuel your diet with whole grains you add an advantage to healthy weight loss. They are loaded with fibre and pack a punch filled with protein. Some of the best examples are oats, brown rice. 

In the first place, oats are filled with beta-glucans. This means that they are full of soluble fibres that may supress cravings and enhance metabolic health.  In the case of brown and white rice, you can find a significant amount of resistant starch. This happens when you cook it then allowed it to cool down after that.


Nature’s gift: fruit is healthy. It is packed with essential vitamins you need and people who eat the most fruit are usually healthier than people who don’t. Fruit has properties that make them fantastic to hold a healthy weight. 

Fruit holds natural sugar and has a low energy density. It is also stacked with micronutrients that are essential for good health. If you are worried about consuming too much sugar from eating fruit, don’t worry. The fibre content will help in preventing the sugar from being released too fast into your bloodstream.


These little miracle foods are a massive benefit to your weight loss. They are nutrient dynamos that will keep you full. You won’t experience many cravings and burn belly fat in the process.  They’re an excellent source of healthy fats, fibre, and minerals. Some of the best ways to eat seeds would be to add them to your jams or stir them into your salad dressings.

Healthy Recipes

When you add these foods into the CSN weight loss programme you will have a well-adjusted eating plan. This will be boosted with natural, scientifically tested supplements to achieve drastic weight loss results. It offers a permanent solution to maintaining your goal weight and improving your overall health and wellbeing. 

Whether you need to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, CSN offers an effective and permanent solution. Using the CSN recipe book you’ll be able to create nutritious and healthy meals that takes the guess work out of what you should eat.


Many foods are delicious, nutritious, and supportive of your goals to reach or maintain a healthier weight. These are mainly meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds, and whole grains. Together with moderation and regular exercise, eating these nutritious foods should help lead to a healthy life.