Weight Loss South Africa: The Best Diet You Haven’t Tried Yet!

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is research based and some of the views and findings do not conform with the CSN Diet.

Warning! Some weight loss plans take your money – and you won’t lose the weight 

Overweight. Plus-size. Curvy. Big-boned. Full-figured.

You can sugarcoat it with all the euphemisms in the world, but the fact remains, fat is just that – fat. And if this is something you are struggling with, it might just be time to stop it with the sugar.

If this sounds harsh, brace yourself. I’m just getting started.

Time to get real

When the February cover of Cosmopolitan featured plus-sized models along with the tagline “This is healthy,” a war of debate broke loose.

Some crucified the brand for glamourising obesity, while others applauded their efforts to include all body types. 

We live in a society where acknowledging that fat is unhealthy is considered body shaming, and body positivity involves the pretence that all body shapes are okay, and even fit and healthy.

We need to be very careful with this. Yes, all people are deserving of love and acceptance from both others, and yourself. 

But here is something to ponder on: What makes more sense in terms of self-love? 

  1. Teaching yourself to love an obese body, and expecting others to be in agreement that being obese is a perfectly good way to live?
  1. Loving yourself and your body so much that you protect it by giving it the best nutrition, thus enabling it to function in such a way that you feel good?

I’ll let you decide.

Losing weight and keeping it down is not easy, and few are successful. There are reasons for this – our bodies send hunger signals to our brains when we cut down on food – talk about sabotage.

We need all the help we can get, so let’s take a look at the best weight loss program available to us here in South Africa.

best weight loss diet south africa

SureSlim Africa

How does it work?

Sureslim states that their success is based on both a scientific and personalised approach to wellness and weight loss. 

The process is, according to them, supported by extensive medical research including nutrition, metabolic processes and hormone regulation.

The programme claims to correct your metabolism so you lose weight quickly and is able to keep it off. 

Once you reach your goal weight you enter the maintenance phase, in which you are taught how to keep the weight off.

What will you be eating?

Every client receives a personalised eating plan. Many factors are considered in the compilation of your meal plan

Firstly, Sureslim takes a look at the factors that influence weight gain: genetic, environmental, emotional, food preferences and lifestyle.

Then, they consider medical problems that are caused or aggravated by being overweight, such as diabetes, food allergies, menopause, metabolic syndrome and more.

Clients are sent for blood tests to identify any medical conditions that may be affected by food. Only then do you receive your eating plan. You need to buy the ingredients and prepare the meals yourself.

Is it safe and what can you expect?

SureSlim says on their website that what they offer is not a fad diet, and not a starvation diet. Still, you will lose between five and 10kg per month.

They do mention that the first week on your eating plan can be difficult, as your body adjusts to life without sugary snacks, and you can also experience side effects such as light-headedness, headaches and fatigue.

Do I need to buy products?


What does it cost?

At the time of writing a special joining fee of R1 350 was offered. 

The verdict:

There aren’t many opinions online, and they are mixed. 

One nutritionist says that sticking to this programme will succeed for the same reason that other programmes succeed: consuming less calories than you’re using.

The bottom line is that you could probably save money if you just cut out unhealthy choices yourself. 

Health24’s DietDoc was quite straightforward in her advice to a reader: “I really feel for all the people who fall for the illusions created by organisations that ‘exploit overweight people’. 

This is what I try to prevent by advising readers to stick to balanced low-energy, low-fat diets and exercise to lose weight.”

make healthy choices

Slender Wonder

How does it work?

You will start off on the website, where you can find an accredited Slender Wonder doctor in your area. 

Your doctor will meet with you, and learn about the factors in your life that could be influencing your weight. You will receive a personalised meal plan.

What will you be eating?

To put it bluntly, it doesn’t seem like you will be eating much at all, especially during the second phase of the five-phase diet. 

Health24 went as far as calling it a starvation diet. Somewhere else, a Slender Wonder doctor specifically says that this diet keeps your body out of starvation mode. 

It is difficult to tell without actually having a meal plan, but Slender Wonder does mention on their Facebook page that following the diet without the injections (yes, there are injections) will result in starvation.

Is it safe and what can you expect? According to Slender Wonder you can lose between four and seven kilograms in the first month. 

Do I need to buy products? Your meal plan is combined with a number of products and a series of injections.

What does it cost? Your first month on Slender Wonder will cost you over R3 000. This is not a once-off, but the price drops after you’ve completed the first phase.

The verdict: It is concerning to note that science simply does not support those costly weight loss supplements. A miracle product to help you lose weight does not exist.

Apart from that, eating too little has also been proven detrimental to weight loss, not to mention how it can lead to other health concerns. 

It is also very difficult to keep up, and if you don’t, the weight you lost will reappear in no time.

To be honest, the sound of the Slender Wonder diet makes me want to reach for a piece of cake.


How does it work?

You will follow a low calorie diet along with either HCG injections or homeopathic HCG drops. HCG is a hormone that the body produces to aid in a healthy pregnancy.

What will you be eating?

Meals are made up from a list of allowed foods.

Is it safe and what can you expect?

WeightBusters boast that you could lose up to 10kg in 30 days. A dire concern is that HCG is not approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss.

Do I need to buy products?

Only your supply of HCG.

What does it cost?

Between R1 300 for a month’s supply and R2 500 for three months’ supply.

The verdict:

WebMD sharply criticises the HCG diet: “Any super-low-calorie diet will result in weight loss. Most studies have found that HCG has nothing to do with it.” 

The FDA agrees: “There are reckless ways to shed pounds, such as fads and diet aids that promise rapid weight loss but often recommend potentially dangerous practices.

Those include HCG-products that are marketed along with advice for users to follow a severely restricted diet. We advise consumers to avoid these products.”

How fast should you be shedding the kilos?
The people behind most weight loss programs know exactly how desperate you are to drop a few dress sizes. And they will get to you by promising that you will lose the weight fast.

Here’s a tip: these are exactly the programmes you want to steer clear of. Look for the ones that promise slow and steady weight loss.

A safe, healthy rate of weight loss is between 0.5kg and 1kg per week. This gives you no more than 4kg per month. If you are promised much more than this, red lights should go on.

There is a lot of focus on losing weight, but the real challenge isn’t talked about much at all. And that is keeping it off.

Research has shown that most people who lose weight regain half of it after just a year. After three to five years, nearly everyone regains all the weight they have lost. 

Experts suggest losing weight at a slower pace, as people who go about it this way are more likely to keep the weight off in the long term.

Another factor to consider is that rapid weight loss could potentially place your health at risk. You could, for example, develop nutritional deficiencies and gallstones.

A super low calorie diet that will ensure that you drop the weight fast, will no doubt also ensure that you feel terrible. 

You will be hungry, tired and irritable. For some people this gets so bad that they end up binge eating to feel better – and so the cycle continues.

Be patient with yourself. Take it slow, stay healthy, and in time you will be able to enjoy the rewards.


How does it work?

Upon joining you will complete an enrolment form. Weigh-Less then uses the info that you provide them to compile a meal plan that suits your individual needs.

During your first group meeting your group leader will give you your flexible and realistic goal weight.

Group meetings and weigh-ins form part of the plan, so you know you will get the support you need. All group leaders are people who have gone through their own weight-loss journey.

An interesting facet of the Weigh-Less plan is that you aren’t thrown into the deep end, with your weight-loss plan being divided into 10 steps.

You gradually learn more dieting ‘rules’ to follow as you progress through the steps.

What will you be eating?

Based on your personal information, you are given a profile – A, B or C. Each profile has its own rules and coping strategies, and will determine which eating plan you follow.

The Weigh-Less plan contains food from all food groups. Foods in the list are defined as either good, better, best or non-essential. This aids in educating participants in making healthier food choices.

Is it safe and what can you expect?

At Weigh-Less emphasis is placed on realistic, healthy weight loss using balanced, nutritious meals.

Do I need to buy products?

You don’t need to buy supplements.

What does it cost?

The monthly fee is R300, with a joining fee of R230.

The verdict:

Two thumbs up.

The Weigth Loss Diet Everyone Talks About

How does it work?

The Diet Everyone Talks About prides themselves on being the opposite of a fad diet, not a quick fix, but an introduction to a whole new lifestyle

It is available at participating pharmacies, clinics and beauty salons, 

What will you be eating?

You will follow a carbohydrate-controlled 10-week plan along with homeopathic fat burner drops.

Is it safe and what can you expect?

The Diet Everyone Talks about claims to be the perfect option for those of us who struggle with willpower. 

They note on the website that their patients are “happy people” who lose weight without starving.

Do I need to buy products?

Yes. Three products are on offer: 200ml Zer-O-Crave at R265, 90 Lose-A-Fat tablets for R320 and 30 Add-A-Vit capsules for R150.

What does it cost?

You start off with a 10-week course that will cost R3 950 (products included). After completing the 10-week course you can purchase a 5-week course for R2 335.

The verdict:

The idea of losing weight without suffering and starvation is certainly an appealing one, especially if this still involves adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

If money is tight, the thought of having to purchase expensive products is a letdown. Especially considering that, as mentioned earlier, these aren’t backed by science. 

Fact is that a healthy lifestyle will lead to weight loss, with or without pills and drops.

Looking for a natural weight loss program that works?

Try out the best in South Africa that requires no physical activity, the CSN Diet

Bottom line

When looking at the weight loss programs on the market, keep one thing in mind. Not all of these programmes are run by people who have your best interests at heart.

In many cases, the diet programme is someone’s business, aimed at making money. 

Your health is always your responsibility. Do meticulous research before joining any weight loss programme to ensure that you do not part ways with both your money and your health. 



Hi, my name is Karien Nel and today I’m 37kg lighter than the day I started my weight loss journey with CSN Diet.

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